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How to do an eco-friendly spring clean in your office:   Castile Soap Scrubs-Up Well

Castile Soap – the staple of environmentally conscious cleaning: What is it, and how is it eco-friendly?

Modern Castile Soap commonly refers to any soap made with vegetable oil. These include olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, hemp oil, and many others.


Castile soap was originally produced in Castile, Spain, in the 11th century, and was made with Olive oil. It was probably based on the pre-existing Aleppo soap, made with Laurel oil, from Syria.




Castile Soap has a pH of approximately 8.9m which makes it alkaline, but it is a much weaker alkali than bleach, or ammonia ( 12.6, and 11.5 respectively). This makes it safe to use on skin, and hair. When the ingredients are certified organic. You know you are not introducing toxic pesticides into your home.

Palm oil – huh? That’s associated with environmental destruction in Indonesia! How is a product made with Palm Oil environmentally friendly?


A popular brand of Castile soap is Dr. Bronner. It uses Palm Oil from Ghana. According to the Fairtrade Foundation1 palm oil from Ghana is sustainable.  The company's website describes the brands commitment to Sustainable Palm Oil in detail.2

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What is it used for?

Castile soap can be used as a body wash, a shampoo, a surface cleaner, to mop the floors, wash pets, clean dishes, shave, and as a bug spray for plants.


How to do an eco-friendly office spring clean at a coworking space

At the Dock, when we do a big spring clean, we do a spring clean party and get the help of our dockhands to make it more fun! Who wants to clean alone, if you can order some pizza and contribute to our community? Besides that we use a solution of, Castile Soap to wipe down the baseboards and the wall trim. We frequently use a dilute solution of Castile Soap to clean the surfaces of the tables and desks, in meeting rooms, and the coworking space. We also use a Castile Soap solution when we clean out all of the kitchen cupboards and wash all of the surfaces.




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